A Peek into the Future…2026!

…In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “The Butterfly Effect.”

As I walked in my studio apartment in Studio City and parked my bike on the balcony, I realize how far I’ve come since I made that jump to move from good ole Alabama to Los Angeles!. I see the world a little clearer now. I’m not constantly questioning all the bad things that happened to me before the end of my senior year in college. From several fights with my mom to totaling my car :(…that year was a rough one. I now know why I went through such a rough patch during that time in my life. God was preparing me for the road I’m currently on as well as the road ahead of me. If it wasn’t for my professor back in college who is now a good friend of mine, living in LA would never be possible.

I’ve made some good people and even more enemies. I’ve been at my lowest and I’ve been at a high(currently). All it took was that one decision I made after graduation that set my life in motion. What decision was that, you ask? It was my decision to accept a position in the Telecommunication & Film in LA trip the summer of 2015. It wasn’t easy chasing my dream, but now I see all my hard work paying off. Now, I’m sitting at my desk brainstorming a new topic for my talk show on BET! Yes! You read it write..lol! My journey has taken me to another level that I didn’t see coming myself! Not only do I have my own talk show, but I write my own material as well. I make the decisions on what topics to write about and I give approval for guest speakers. It took a lot of pull to get to where I am, but I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for God and my fans. (My fans range from family to friends to strangers) So, if I could go back and change a decision I made to alter what’s happening in my life today, I would make sure I made the same exact decision because I wouldn’t do anything different!!

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