Dear fellow Cats soon to be Ally’s Cats,

I’ve been reading The Hollywood Game Plan, a book by Carole Kirschner, and it had a chapter on networking with professionals. It got me to thinking do my peers know how to send an email correctly. Well, here are a couple of to-dos I find very helpful when I’m emailing someone of importance.

1. Always know the title of the person you are sending an email to…One mistake I made was calling someone by their first name without attaching their title. Whoops! :/
2. Be simple and direct. No one wants to read emails, so you should make yours short and sweet. That way they will enjoy responding to you. And if it just has to be a long email, then write a little apology for the lengthy email. That’ll make them think you’re aware of their time and apreciatek them taking their to read your email.
3. Never use slang and don’t talk like you’re talking to your friends through text messages.
4. And always leave an alternate contact information just n case your email crashes or something. They’ll have another way to reach you.

And those few guidelines should at least get you a response!

Happy late night,



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