About Me

I am who I am. Alexandria Nicole. Full-time student. Two part-time jobs. Single. Okay…this is starting to look like a profile for a dating site lol! Anyways, I will be walking across the stage in May 2015 full of debt (all because of The University of Alabama), but with plenty benefits. California will be my new place of residence and I have the help of The Hollywood Game Plan by Carole Kirschner to help me with this huge transition. My aspiration is to become a television personality, but I’m not taking the direct route. See, I found the love of cameras and capturing moving footage. I love the process of recording something and viewing the final product that is why I want to become a cinematographer first. I also like to write simply because I can make it my world, with no set rules! The dollar movie theater is my best friend. I like to go alone because there is no one to talk to me during the movie, which is a pet peeve of mine. I do read in my spare time, usually their romance books but I do like a good vampire book. Any suggestions are welcomed!! There is a lot more to me, but I believe the best way to know more is to visit my page frequently as it reflects my personality and interests! So without further ado……HERE’S ME! 🙂


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