Places to shop…Everyone wants to know where the cool places to shop are when they visit Los Angeles…this site has all of the great places. You can also find out where to spend your night out in the city for the nightlife!

Surviving in LA….There are 29 helpful tips to get you started in this new and exciting city. I’m sure one of these will help you break out on your own. You can also find some good, safe places to live while you’re on the site.

So I found this cool site when I was trying to find out where some of my favorite shows will be filming this year. Not only will they be in LA, but also ATL and NYC!!!

Looking to break into an acting career in the big city that never dies? Well, I came across this website because I wanted to research some great acting schools I might want to attend once I move out there. Thought I’d share…

So, if acting isn’t for you and you would rather be on crew on a set…here’s the top 10 colleges that have a great film school, with The University of Southern California being number 1.


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